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White Henna Gypsy Wanderer Temporary Tattoos Live Love Wander Blooming Sun Flower Mandala Designs Flash Tattoos


Gypsy Wanderer temporary white henna tattoos are perfect to get the gypsy look with stacking rings, stacking bracelets and tattooed hands! The words "Live Love and Wander" appear four times on each sheet. Try the blooming Sun Flower in the center of your back! Collection also includes another small flower and golden flowering branches. 

To apply:
1. Your skin must be clean, dry and free from lotions or oils.
2. Remove clear protective film and place tattoo face down on skin.
3. Gently press wet cloth or paper towel against tattoo paper backing for about 30 seconds.
4. Peel off paper backing and you're ready to roll!
5. To lengthen how long they last keep things like lotions, oils, hair sprays, perfumes and body sprays away from their area as oils and alcohols act as removers.

To remove:
1. Wipe away with baby oil.

Instructions Included.

Sheet is 8 1/2" x 6" 

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