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Cowgirl Tattoos


Cowgirl Metallic Temporary Tattoos Gold Six Shooters Guns Horseshoes Roses Horse Riders Fleur De Lis Crosses Bullets Arrows Stars


This sheet of cowgirl tattoos has it all!Six shooters complete with bullets, blue arrows and blue and gold crosses, gold roses ready to wear as a bracelet or arm band, a heart shape with wings and a cross in the center, a BIG revolver, a ready made armband with a horseshoe centered with a winged star on a bracelet of red arrows, blue star rows perfect for making charms into necklaces or bracelets, a row of horse riders inside horseshoes and a fluer de lis arm band. These look great outdoors in the sun shining and compliment dark tans!

 To apply:
1. Your skin must be clean, dry and free from lotions or oils.
2. Remove clear protective film and place tattoo face down on skin.
3. Gently press wet cloth or paper towel against tattoo paper backing for about 30 seconds.
4. Peel off paper backing and you're ready to roll!
5. To lengthen how long they last keep things like lotions, oils, hair sprays, perfumes and body sprays away from their area as oils and alcohols act as removers.

To remove:
1. Wipe away with baby oil.

Instructions Included.

One Sheet 8 1/2" x 6" 

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