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Flash Tattoos Desert Dweller Pack Metallic Tattoos 4 Sheets Epic Festival Favorites Thunderbird Asp Scarab Beetle Gypsy Lovin Light Most Coveted


Mystic. Tribal. Wild.- Channel your inner gypsy, and get Flashy with this new bohemian collection from Child of Wild. This pack features four beautiful pages of hand drawn designs in an earthy array of metallic gold, silver, black and turquoise colors. Inspired by the nomadic tribes of the desert, the collection includes a variety of traditional Berber-style tattoos, henna-inspired geometric designs, Native American motifs, and many more. Wrap the cobra around the wrist or ankle for an exotic look. Place the thunderbird at the nape of your neck. The possibilities are endless!


Sheet 1: An assortment of Native American-inspired bands (wear as a bracelet, arm band, or anklet), medallions, thunderbird, and traditional Zia sun
Sheet 2: Egyptian-inspired designs including pyramids, cobra, assorted dotted and solid line bands (wear as a bracelet, arm band, or anklet), and enlighten eyes
Sheet 3: Assorted Berber-inspired geometric henna-style designs
Sheet 4: Egyptian-inspired designs including a scarab, ankh, eye of Horus, and geometric bands (wear as a bracelet, arm band, or anklet)

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