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Flash Tattoos Lunar Love Genuine Gypsy Lovin Light Celestial Metallic Temporary Tattoos Waxing Waning Crescent Full Moon Jewelry Inspired


Love. Light. Luminous.- Presenting Lunar Love– a Flash Tattoos X GypsyLovinLight collaboration featuring innovative jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos for free-spirited bohemian babes. Inspired by our deep connection to the cycles of the moon, this collection is a magical reminder to let our inner light and love shine bright.

This Flash Tattoos set was designed by Helen Janneson Bense, creative director of the popular blog GypsyLovinLight. Each original Flash Tattoos collection is unique, features various metallic designs to mix and match, and includes plenty of Flash to share with your friends. Enjoy and let your light shine!

Add some sparkle to your look while glowing at the beach, pool, parties, festivals, concerts…anywhere you and your skin might be seen having fun. Just apply, glimmer and go!

Four 8.25" x 5.5" sheets featuring over 32 different designs in white, black, metallic gold and silver colors.
Sheet 1: Geometric tribal-inspired designs in white, gold and silver
Sheet 2: Various patterns featuring cycles of the moon in white, gold and silver
Sheet 3: Assorted geometric DIY body jewelry designs in white, black and silver
Sheet 4: Assorted geometric DIY body jewelry designs in white, black and gold

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