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Gypsy Soul "Harmony" Meditation Kit Ylang Ylang Oil Roll On Mala Beads From Bali Blue Mandala Print Weighted Eye Pillow Relax Refresh


This Gypsy Soul "Harmony" Meditation Kit includes a Ylang Ylang essential oil roller, Mala Beads and a satin eye pillow packaged in a beautiful box.

Gently roll this floral blend on your wrists before practicing yoga or meditation. Ylang Ylang is an anti-bacterial and promotes relaxation  Take it with you on the go for those times you need a gentle reminder to enjoy the present moment. 

The Mala Beads were made in Bali. These can be worn around your wrist or neck, and are typically used to help people set their intention before practice. 

 The super soft, satin eye pillow is machine washable and perfect for savasana. If you sometimes struggle with staying focused during meditation or have trouble falling asleep, this eye pillow will come in handy. Eye pillows are used to shield the eyes from light and to apply a gentle relaxing weight over and around the eyes.

Mala beads can help you with different aspects of meditation, which is linked to a range of health benefits. Meditation can help reduce stress levels, improve sleep, and lower blood pressure, among other things.

But meditation isn’t always easy. Many people find it hard, especially in the beginning, to keep their mind from wandering off. That’s where mala beads come in.

Mala beads have the purpose of keeping you focused during meditation.

Two ways mala beads can help make meditation easier:

  • The repetitive movement of your fingers across the beads helps ground you.
  • Touching each bead as you say a mantra helps you keep track of how many times you’ve repeated the mantra.

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