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Inverted Triangle Necklace Silver Gypsy Style Water Symbol Symbolizes Purification Healing And Peace Hook It Tight As A Choker Or Wear Two Connected As A Belt


Triangle is a simple shape but contains a profound meaning which symbolizes strength. The triangle is an ancient symbol of Deity or the divine union. It’s the strongest shape which is the culmination of mind, body, and spirit of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

The inverted triangle symbolizes Water which shows purification, healing, and peace.

Inverted Triangle Necklace has seven triangles with daisies etched in the center strung with bold silver tone beads making it a strong gypsy statement necklace.

Length 45cm -  Pendant 10cm 

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Chain Mail Bracelet Silver Net Slave Bracelet With Ring Bohemian Festival Gyspy Jewelry India Bells Turkish Chainmaile

Chain mail bracelet is perfect to stack with gypsy jewelry! Bracelet forms a triangle on your hand leading to a square ring and is bordered by little jingles. A statement piece.

In Buddhism, the symbol of a triangle appears as the three bodies of Buddhahood (Trikaya) which includes the Body of Essence, the Body of Enjoyment, and the Body of Transformation


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