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Skinny Scarves In 7 Different Bohemian Prints You Choose Big Or Tiny Flowers Birds Crescent Moons Neckties Headbands Ponytail Bows So Many Ways To Wear! Tie One To Your Purse Strap


Skinny Scarves In 10 Different Bohemian Prints - You Choose

There are so many ways to wear skinny scarves! Wrap one around around your ponytail and tie it in a bow. Wear one as a headband. Tie one around your wrist for a colorful bracelet or knot one around a purse strap to give your handbag a splash of color. You can wear one around your neck, they give solid separates a feminine touch. Not long enough? Get two and tie them together. Skinny scarves make anything you tie them to look lovely.

6 x 130cm


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