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Our New Bohemian Decor Is Great For Festivals Too!

Spice up your lawn seats at a local outdoor concert and let your gypsy light shine with our new Bohemian Decor! Use brightly colored mandalas as blankets or drape them over branches to make gypsy tents. Check out our big fluffy mandala pillows to kick back in comfort on as you enjoy your favorite tunes. Give your tent a little flair with one of our crochet rope decorations. When the festival is over use them to decorate your home! Mandalas look great as bedspreads or hang one on the wall. Don't forget to use them at the beach too. Use mandalas as bikini cover ups, to relax on or to make tents to protect yourself from the sun. Choose the category "Bohemian Decor", you'll enjoy these must haves year round!

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